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Boozy Brioche

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But, I hear you ask, “What is a Boozy Brioche?”

Simply put, it is a cluster of ethereal fluffy cloud of brioche, dipped in sugar and butter, then proofed so each ball forms a cracked crust. The brioche is partially baked and soaked in a vanilla brandy cream that caramelises as the brioche continues to bake. Once baked the sauce bubbles and pops as it sticks to the cluster of perfectly baked brioche balls which are delicately crispy on the outside and soft and fluffy on the inside. A perfect waltz between the sticky, creamy and sweetness of the brandy cream and slightly savoury and textural brioche. Pulling apart the cluster and taking a bite is nothing short of nirvana…one is too many and a thousand are never enough!

If this seems like a decadent dessert, it is.

And, if you’re going to be even more decadent, serve it with vanilla ice cream, because hot fluffy brandy soaked brioche and ice cream are what dreams are made of.

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