A Unique Charm: The Importance of Ingredients

The role of the chef is to bring out the best in the ingredients. Likewise, the ingredient itself also helps to bring out the best of the products.

Welcome to Aidan’s favourite topic, ingredients. Having graced Michelin kitchens for most of his career, he learned a thing or two about quality produce. On this page, you'll find what goes into our cakes, tarts, macarons, buttercream and more! If you have a specific ingredient question, never hesitate to get in touch. We love talking ingredients!

All Chic de Partie products are prepared with the very best, because Aidan is SUCH an ingredient snob. Honestly, try managing his suppliers, it's a full time job. We're talking organic eggs from Burds, Australian milled flour, Isigny St-Mère French butter, St David’s dairy, Valrhona chocolate, Flowerdale Edible Flowers — you get the idea.